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To help meeting professionals increase meeting productivity and attendee satisfaction, today, Hilton is expanding its successful Meet with Purpose program. Credit: Hilton Worldwide.

Wake Up! One in Three Meeting Attendees are Falling Asleep

Hilton’s expanded Meet With Purpose program offers solutions to rejuvenate attendees and deliver on meeting goals

September 07, 2016 - With one in three attendees falling asleep or feeling drowsy during a meeting, and productivity for the average meeting dropping around 2 p.m., it’s clear that corporate meetings need a new agenda. Attendees around the world are desperate for a change – and meeting professionals are taking notice. According to a recent global survey* by Hilton (NYSE: HLT), while most meeting attendees consider themselves active and healthy in their daily lives, more than half admit that they don’t maintain this routine when on the road for meetings.

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